AyurYogaSpa Concierge Services

Free & Fundraiser Beach Yoga
Yoga, Breathing, & Meditation
Yoga Nidra & Deep Relaxation
Diet, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
* Healthy Grocery Shopping Tour (2hr minimum)
* Natural Food Preparation Sessions (2hr minimum)
Wellness Consults

Ayurveda Psychology & Counsel
Ayurveda Assessment & Clinical Exam
Mind & Body Yoga Therapy
Abhyanga “Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage”
Shirodhara “ Warm Oil to Forehead & Scalp”
Bliss Therapy
*Cleansing, Detox & Rejuvenation Programs
Hamptons & Hawaii
Scenic Destination Retreats



Two Handed Abhyanga, Steam & Yoga Nidra
$250/ allow 2 hours


Four handed Abhyanga, Steam & Yoga Nidra

$300/ allow 2 hours


Bliss Therapy Day Package “2 Hands”

Two Handed Abhyanga – Warm Oil Massage,
Shirodhara – Warm Oil to Forehead, Swedna – Herbalized Steam,
Yoga Nidra – Guided, Deep Relaxation
Refreshments &
Sense Therapy Gift $295/ allow 3 hours

Bliss Therapy Day Package “4 Hands”

Four Handed Abhyanga – Warm Oil Massage,
Shirodhara – Warm Oil to Forehead,
Swedna – Herbalized Steam,
Yoga Nidra – Guided, Deep Relaxation
Refreshments & Sense Therapy Gift $ 395/ allow 3 hours

Bliss Therapy Silver Package

3 Days of Four Handed Bliss Therapy
Sense Therapy Gift $1185/3 Days— daily or weekly
Bliss Therapy Gold Package
5 Days of Four Handed Bliss Therapy
Sense Therapy Gift $1975 /5 Days — daily or weekly Book

Bliss Therapy Platinum Package

7 Days of Four Handed Bliss Therapy
Sense Therapy Gift $2,765 /7 Days— daily or weekly


Ayurveda Rejuvenation Facial – $95 to $100 Book
Two Handed Abhyanga – Warm Oil Massage – $150/ 1 hour Book
Four Handed Abhyanga – Warm Oil Massage – $195 to $200 Book
Shirodhara w/ Scalp Massage – Warm Oil to Forehead – $125/ 45 min Book
Swedna – Herbalized Steam & Shower – $55/ 30 min Book
Guided Yoga Nidra – Deep Relaxation – $95 to $100 Book
Nasya – Herbalized Nasal/ Facial Treatment – $125/ 1 hour Book
Healing Meal & Beverage Plan – $50/day per person Book

AyurYogaSpa Workshop Offerings

1. Intro to Ayurveda & Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Determine your personal mind/body constitution.
Participants receive a short mind/body assessment
they fill out during the lecture to help determine their personal constitution.
Always fun! Followed by handouts, lecture discussion,
Q&A, including easy, basic lifestyle techniques
on how to manage balance in daily life.

2. Intro to Ayurveda and Psychology for Stress, Weight, Pain & Disease Management

Includes mind/body assessment plus basic discussion
on mental and physical symptoms, mind/body specific causes,
mind/body specific therapies available at the spa,
and basic how to at home. Very popular!

3. Intro to Ayurveda & The Pillars of Health

Digestion, Elimination, Sleep and Energy
Includes mind/body assessment plus basic discussion on
the mind/body specific definition, role, importance,
how to determine and maintain proper D,E,S,E. This one’s a crowd pleaser!

4. Intro to Ayurveda & the 5 Sense Therapies

Includes mind/body assessment plus discussion focused
on the 5 sense therapies Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound, Smell.
Invites Light Bulb Moments!
Basic understanding of how the senses play a major role
in mind/body balance or imbalance and how to manage naturally at home.

5. Intro to Ayurveda Diet, Nutrition & Lifestyle

Includes mind/body assessment plus discussion on m/b specific
“how to eat” or conscious eating versus unconscious
eating including Ayurveda 30 tips handout, food relationship,
food combining, food games, seasonal foods,
mind/body specific foods and lifestyle. Popular!

6. Intro to Ayurveda Mind/Body Cleansing, Detox & Rejuvenation

Includes mind/body assessment. Plus, this is often
performed in a kitchen setting. Of course they love this one!
I bring easy to prepare mind/body and seasonal
specific hot and cold foods and beverages with really simple recipes
already prepared by me at home or prepared on-site for taste demonstration.

7. Intro to Ayurveda & Gem Therapy

Includes mind/body assessment, mind/body specific gemstones
and handouts for make and take home mala meditation bracelets.
Plus personal mind/body specific meditation
which we practice together after making.

8. Intro to Ayurveda & Aromatherapy

for Mind/Body Health & Hormonal Balance
For instance, rose oil is excellent for reducing anger,
strengthens the immune system and balancing the health of the heart.
Includes mind/body assessment, mind/body specific essential oils and handouts
for make and take home bath and body oils or diffuser sprays.
Plus personal meditation practice after making.
You love the oils and so will they!

9. Intro to Ayurveda Chroma or Color Therapy , Sound Therapy & The Chakras

Includes mind/body assessment lecture,
discussion on how our mind/body constitution, color,
sound and the chakras interplay all day in our health and life.
How to read, interpret and balance these naturally.
Ends with visualization, meditation
and journaling exercise. Life changer!

10. Intro to Ayurveda , Herbology and Tea Tasting

Includes mind/body assessment, discussion handout
and smelling and tasting of herbs through healthy,
delicious and easy to make teas.
I can either prepare at home or onsite.
Who doesn’t love a tasting?

11. AyurYoga Of Sound Workshop – ” Yoga, Music, Mantra Meditation

Includes mind/body assessment,
mind/body specific all levels yoga practice with live music or CD,
mantra, chants, kirtan, meditation & relaxation


AYS Retreats 2015

Hamptons and Hawaii Year Round

For Individuals, Couples or Groups

Arrive Anytime


Adventure Retreats

Flexible retreats designed for active guests and students Daily AM Guided Beach Yoga & Meditation Daily AM Guided Nature Walk/Hike/ Jog Daily Protein Rich Brunch with Vegan/Vegetarian Options 1 AYS Holistic Concierge Service Free Afternoons & Evenings Add On Afternoon /Evening Adventure Activities: Beach Nature Walk Sight See Hike/ Bike Kayak/Swim Surf, SUP, Yoga/SUP Fishing/ Cruise Golf/Gym Bus Tour Spa Treatments / Acupuncture Live Music / Entertainment Psychic or Astrology reading Henna Tatoo Artist Dinner Cocktails *Starting at $300/day

Lifestyle Retreats

Structured scheduled retreats for guests and students seeking to restore balance AYS Orientation Lecture/Workshop Daily AM Dina Charya- Morning Self –Care Daily AM Sadhana – Spiritual Practice Daily Guided AM Yoga & Meditation Daily Guided Nature Walk/Hike/Jog Daily Healthy Delicious Vegan/Vegetarian Brunch 1 AYS Holistic Concierge Service Afternoon Free Time or Add On Evening Healthy Delicious Vegan/ Vegetarian Dinner Evening Guided Yoga Nidra, Chanting Music, Mantra BedTime Add On Afternoon Activities: Beach Nature Walk Sight See Hike/ Bike Kayak/Swim Surf, SUP, Yoga/SUP Fishing/ Cruise Golf/Gym Bus Tour Spa Treatments/ Acupuncture Psychic or Astrology reading Henna Tatoo Artist *Starting at $400/day

Healing Retreats

*Cleansing, Detox & Rejuvenation Programs Multi-Day Bliss Therapy or PanchaKarma: Based on personal health or life intentions, schedule, and budget. Custom designed with one or more prescribed combinations of the following: Ayurveda Assesment& Clinical Exam, Ayurveda Psychology & Counsel Diet & Lifestyle Consult Multi-Day Bliss Therapies, Mind & Body Yoga Therapy Daily Yoga & Meditation Daily Yoga Nidra Marma Therapy Internal/External Basti Daily AM/PM Healing Meals& Beverages Daily Free Time *Starting at $500/day

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training:

Get Inspired. Be Inspiring. Are you interested in deepening your own current yoga practice? Do you feel the call to teach yoga to others in public or private practice? Are you a yoga teacher needing continuing education credit hours?

Sana Vida’s 200-Hour Teacher Training Program, guided by Gina Caccavalla, CAS, AHP, PRYT, ERYT 500 and owner, Patti McCormick, RYT, L.Ac, is committed to the personal success of each participant. During this time of study and practice, you will acquire the personal and professional confidence to communicate the science of yoga and other healing therapies to others with the highest level of skill, while honoring their own unique voice and style. The Teacher Training program at Sana Vida will broaden your perspective of yoga and other healing therapies, culminating in an experience that is transformational on every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.”

Six Week Intensive
Begins January 21, 2015
Click Here For Location And Details

Host a Yoga Teacher Training At Your Location

Interested in having Gina Caccavalla facilitate a yoga teacher training at your
location? Contact her today!

A Message from Dr. Marc Halpern:

"Ayurveda is a system of mind-body medicine that is inherently holistic and integrative. The goal of Ayurveda is to maximize the potential for healing within each individual. Where there is harmony there is health. Where there is disharmony, there is disease. By helping to restore harmony through the five senses, Ayurveda maximizes the potential for healing. The best Ayurvedic practitioners meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be.Gina is a gifted, caring, compassionate and inspired educator, practitioner and clinician of Ayurvedic Medicine. Both her patients and her students will be blessed by their interactions with her."

Be Well, Be Kind, Be Love

Dr. Marc Halpern (Dr. Shiva)
President: California College of Ayurveda
Author: Healing Your Life; Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda
Co-Founder: National Ayurvedic Medical Association
Co-Founder: California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine
Advisor: Light on Ayurveda Journal (USA)
Advisor: Journal for Resarch and Education in Indian Medicine (India)

AyurYogaSpa Holistic Concierge

Online, at Home, on the Beach
New Seasonal Locations & Accommodations:
Hamptons, New York & Kauai, Hawaii

What is AyurYogaSpa?

AyurYogaSpa is a multi-destination Holistic Concierge.
Offering a variety of services, workshop, retreats & trainings.
Featuring natural health, beauty, fitness & wellness.
Welcoming individuals, couples and groups,
in public, private & semi-private sessions.
Sessions available by phone, online,
office, home or on the beach.

Always all levels friendly, fun accepting, respectful, safe, professional,
self-paced & educational. Enjoy balanced living through moderation and
transformation with mind body medicine.

Living a life of mind, body with spirit.
A journey of growth, fun, lightness & love!

With specialties in Stress, Weight, Pain & Disease Management,
using complimentary"Sense Therapies".

Intro to Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurveda is Yoga’s big sister and a traditional system of natural medicine
originating in India and greatly increasing in the U.S. today. It has been
practiced for more than 5,000 years.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word, meaning “science or knowledge of life” or the
“practice of longevity.” Ayurveda is a most complete and personalized
system of holistic medicine, healthcare and maintenance for the whole
body, mind and spirit.

Yoga means “yoke” or “union of the mind and body with spirit.
Respectfully, the definition of Spirit is a personal one. When healthy, the
mind and body are naturally in harmony, responsive to true happiness, self-healing and self-love.

AyurYogaSpa may be used as complimentary or alternative medicine for
any health or life concern interest or imbalance. It is proven highly effective for stress, weight, pain, disease management, prevention and maintenance by blending contemporary health, beauty, fitness and wellness with ancient healing wisdom.

The 5 Sense Therapies

In addition to Yoga, Ayurveda offers
“The 5 Sense
Therapies”, which are all natural prescriptions for
health and healing. Healing has many meanings and
layers. Rather than treating symptoms, Ayurveda
treats the energetic imbalances that cause the
symptoms, thus inviting repair, reversal and

“The 5 Sense Therapies”

promote health and healing through balance, harmony and unity of the mind and body with spirit and or nature, which is unique to Ayurveda
as a holistic health care system.

A lifestyle including sense therapies, restores balance between our physical environment, and our relationships to everything and everyone, including ourselves. When the mind and body experiences balance and harmony, there is vibrant health, true happiness and healing. Resulting in heightened Self- awareness, higher consciousness, empowering our 6th sense of intuition, elevating everything and everyone around.

Taste, Touch, Sound, Sight & Smell

Taste- Diet, Foods, Herbs, Teas, Rasayanas– Nutritives
 Beauty, Bath, Bodywork, Bliss Therapy Treatments
 Color or Chroma Therapy, Gem Therapy, Nature
Breath, Music, Mantra, Nature, Affirmations
Smell -
 Aroma Therapy, Oils, Incense, Candles, Nature

Gina Caccavalla AHP CAS, PKS, CMT ERYT500

Ayurveda Health Practitioner-Holistic Health Care, Diet, Nutrition, Herbs & Lifestyle
Clinical Ayurveda Specialist-Disease Management & Prevention
Pancha Karma Specialist-Powerful Cleansing & Rejuvenation Treatments
Certified Massage & Mind Body Yoga Therapist
Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader
Professional Training Facilitator Ayurveda, Yoga Teachers, Practitioners & Therapists
Over 30 Years Professional Experience

Contact Gina Today

AYS is Gina’s expression of blending contemporary health, beauty, fitness and wellness with the ancient healing science and wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Spa Therapies. This knowledge gained from years of personal and professional study, practice and discipline. She is nationally registered with multi-certifications in various Eastern Healing Modalities, Mind Body Medicine,Classical Yoga Styles, Fitness, Martial Arts, Diet, Nutrition, Herbs, Cleansing Rejuvenation Programs, Body Therapies and Spa Treatments. She deepened her spiritual journeys, while living and working at retreats, resorts,spas, schools and ashrams around the world.
Gina is registered with the National Yoga Alliance, at their highest level of certification, ERYT 500, qualifying her as an experienced, seasoned teacher and training facilitator. YA has only part of of her multi -certifications in various yoga lineages: Intregal Meditative Hatha Yoga, Iyengar, Ashtanga,Kundalini, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Kriya Yoga in the tradition of Paramahansa Yogananda. Her combined logged an unlogged hours of teaching and training is now easily over 10,000 hrs.
Gina is a proud graduate of the California College of Ayurveda completing several years and levels of certifications, an accomplishment, which is presently recognized in the Yoga community as Doctor of Ayurveda or ”Vaidya”. More commonly known as Practitioner and Clinical Specialist.

Gina is a professional member of N.A.M.A., the National Ayurveda Medical Association. As seen on Dr Oz., NAMA along with CCA The California College of Ayurveda are setting the standard for Ayurvedic Medicine in and around The United States.

Gina is a holistic health care educator, practitioner, therapist, clinician andexpert in mind body medicine, specializing in the fields of Stress, Weight Pain and Disease Management.

Gina respectfully meets students, guests and patients where they presently are. She creatively customizes her offerings to suit personal goals, schedules and budgets. Her style is compassionate, inspiring, professional, accepting, respectful practical and safe. Her roles are educator, consultant, coach, guide, counsel,therapist, practitioner and clinician. She invites an experience that is self-paced, self-empowering, healing, transformational and fun!

Gina grew up on Eastern Long Island, New York. Seasonally living and working between the Hamptons New York, Austin Texas and Kauai Hawaii.She spends her personal and professional time, generously sharing her wisdom and volunteering with pet and wildlife rescue.

For the purposes of healing herself, her pets and others, she devoted her adult life,with over 30 years of professional practice in public and private settings.She happily shares this work with gratitude, honor, a great passion and Love for her teachers, these teachings and you!

“There is something for every body, mind & spirit, I live and love this work, it gives me the greatest joy to share it with you!”

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